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Naruto Porn Story: Naruto’s payment methods – Chapter 7

Naruto Porn Story: Naruto’s payment methods – Chapter 7

It’s been a week since Naruto left off from the Land of Spring as he is now back on the trail to Konoha with a lot of money in his pocket since that bid he did with Koyuki. Speaking of what he did with Koyuki when she went to go show him how talented she really was, that was the last time he’s had a good round of sex and now it’s been a week since and he’s feeling the affect now, a week without sex.

“Can’t wait to get back to Konoha, I’m gonna eat all the ramen I want to eat! But speaking of Konoha I got to be careful with that Danzou guy… if he can black mail Tsunade with what we did I’m pretty sure he can get away with a lot of things and kick me out again. Luckily it wasn’t announced that I ran from Konoha.” He told himself as he walked the trail to home.

As Naruto was walking through the forest to his right he caught a tent which was set up with a fire still going. Next to the tent was a big tree which has a string tied to it going around another tree. On the tree seemed to be clothes that were barely washed as it dripped water.

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