[Bumsign (Hatoya Kobayashi)] Temarito! (Naruto) [English]

You don’t want bored with the constant hentai about Naruto and Sakura, but you don’t want to get out of the world of these adventuresome ninjas. This comic is a parody that will let you meet the new couple Temari and Shikamaru. Their attraction is in their innocence, humor, and plenty of sexual scenes. Enjoy!

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Naruho-do (part 2)

Lady Tsunade Sakura Haruno, Lady Tsunade, Hinata Hyuga, Lady Tsunade, Hinata ladies from Konoha Village are way too curly and sexy to be enough of them injust one comic parody, and this is the second installment of “Naruho-do” in which all these sweet bitches will get even more intensely fucked and longer! Plus few more female characters will join this “improvised sex club” and maybe Naruto will finally show up!

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Jungle GT

Red-haired busty beauty Sakura met with an athletic guy named Naruto. They undressed and the girl began to suck his fat dick. Then the dude licks the girl’s cunt and juicy nipples. After that, he puts the girl on her knees and fucks her in the mouth. The girl groans loudly with pleasure. She gets a lot of pleasure from sex. Enjoy the comic right now.

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Tsunade no Insettai (Spanish)

Lady Tsunade will soon be able to show off her incredible tits the more she drinks. The real party starts so it’s no wonder that a lot of men would love to be there at this crucial moment. This great fortune will be available for Tsunade today thanks to a group of old men who will provide her with enough best drinks to start a wild celebration. Version in full color. Spanish language version.

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Kokuhaku (NARUTO) [Russian]

It looks like Naruto and Sakura are having certain issues lately and the sooner they will find the way to solve them the sooner their team of young ninjas will get effective once again. And you don’t need to say it to Sakura twice becaus if she needs to talk with someone then she will talk with this someone! But we must warn you that at some point the talk will get very and very private…

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[Mr.Moudan] Hinatas Lust (Naruto)

Every time when Naruto gets home he is so tired that he barely can satsify Hinata’s lust and clearly it is getting stronger and stronger. So she had no other chocie but to do something with it by herself and if Naruto is so tired after a long working day then how about to pay him a surprise visit and to check how active he can be in the middle of it? Spolier ahead – very active!

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Affair Hidden In The Leaves (Naruto) [RaikageArt | Sichan] – english

Hinata was taken to Sensei to take the basics of martial arts. Sensei first stripped Hinata and then began massaging her large boobsin order to get her ready for training. It is important to begin having sexual relations. Following that, he began training, and Hinata was forced to stretch her legs and play. – So, now you need to be on top of me and do an sex practice. Sensei said. Enjoy comics right now.

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Who is better at doing more fucking Tsunade or her red haired adversary? Busty beauties are required to visit the Master Of Sex in order for him decide. To prove this, girls will have to show their sexual skills. Dude will begin to lick their big tits, and rub their pussy. He then begins to fiss with each girl before switching to one or the other, based on which is the best. In the end, Tsunada turns out to be the most beautiful, but as it turned out, she is not the only one who can claim the title of best. She is competing with a man who’s also open to having a sexual encounter with this handsome guy. Now the boy has to fight with two girls. Who will win?


Siblings After

Black and white comic is based on the cartoon Naruto. This is how Naruto met the horned-deer martial arts instructor at the eastern air temple. Naruto finds out that the temple is only for girls upon his arrival at it. One of them invites Naruto to her home in the evening. When the evening started, the dude came to a rendezvous and saw something that was interesting. We don’t wantto waste any time and so we’ll start reading the comic now.

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These comics that are parodies will reveal some of the true relations between the Konoha Village’s most powerful hokages with the leading actress being Lady Tsunade. Yet in order to understand the story behind all of these sexually explicit scenes, you’ll need understanding of japanese language. The manga is full color.

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