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Naruto hentai story part 16: anything is a go

Even I am not that evil.? Sakura:? yeah you are!? Ino:? hey, don? t make me regret by telling you that you didn? t have to fuck
Naruto.? Sakura:? I? m, sorry Ino. Ino:? I? m not so sure you meant that.? Sakura:? but I did.? Ino:? do not argue with me; now bend over? Sakura:? why?? Ino:? don? t question my order? Sakura:? yes Ino? she then bends over. Ino then brings her left hand sailing down fast on to Sakura? s butt. Sakura:? owww!? Ino:? now, you are sorry.? Naruto yells again from outside. Naruto:? hello, is anyone in there? Sakura:? yes, I? m here Naruto I? m here. Just give me a couple minutes and then ill
be right out.? She yelled out of the window. As Sakura and Ino make, their way down stairs Sakura starts to talk to Ino. Sakura:? I can? t believed you spanked me. No one has other than you or should
ever be allowed to spank me. Ino:? really is that so?? she then gives Sakura another spank across Sakura? s
rear. 13 times more hard than the first one. Which hurt so bad Sakura started to cry from the pain. Sakura:? owe!? Ino:? now, who is allowed to spank you?? Sakura:? you are.? she whimpered
Ino:? good girl? Sakura opens the front door only to see Naruto waiting patiently on the front
step of her porch. Naruto:? hey, what is Ino doing her at your home.? Sakura thought fast but Ino took this as her opportunity to speak. Ino:? I …to be continued!

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