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Naruto porn story part 15: anything is a go

s enough with but dance you can stop now.? Sakura:? great, I was starting to get tired? Ino:? now, without further ado, let us proceed with your fucking? Outside Sakura window in her room, she and ino hear a voice yell. Naruto:? hey Sakura, are you in there?? he yelled from right out of her house. Sakura:? thank you Naruto! Sorry ino but there wont be any fucking today.? Sakura:? then starts getting dressed by putting on her socks and shoes. As soon
as she finished that and was about to finish getting dressed when ino grabbed
both of sakura? s boobs with both of her hands. Ino:? don? t you start thinking that you are off the hook you still owe me.? Sakura:? I know I still have to repay you for seeing me orgasm and that? s not
all.? Ino:? err wrong, you still have to repay me for fucking me.? Sakura:? what?! I thought I repaid you for that with my booty shake? Ino:? nope, that doesn? t cover it. It makes you feel any better think of it as
one of your many tips you will be giving in the future.? Sakura:? what, that? s no fair!? she wined
Ino:? I? m the boss and I say it is? she then let go off sakura? s breasts so she
could finish changing. Ino:? and Sakura what would be unfair, is if I had you fuck Naruto as one of
your two payments to me.? Sakura:? what are you crazy ino?! Fucking Naruto would be worse not being
fucked at all.? she said after finished getting dressed
Ino:? hey, it was just a thought. …to be continued!

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