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Naruto xxx story part 13: anything is a go

Ino:? well I originally decided to come here to apologize to you for threading
you in battle today. But then the door was open and I heard moaning and
groaning upstairs. So I decided to investigate but when I made my upstairs and
entered your room and saw you masturbating and talking in your sleep. I decided
to repay you by helping you reach a climax.? She said explaing her self. Sakura:? is that it?? she said still shocked. Ino:? yep, and the fact that you taste better than any thing I have ever tasted
in my life? he said as she licked her lips. Sakura blushed
Sakura:? thanks, so we are even now.? Ino:? not quite, I just saw you orgasm plus as added bonus you were dreaming
about fucking me.? Sakura:? oh no!? she said realizing where this was going. Ino:? now unless you want me to tell the whole world this especially sasuke. You will do what I say got it?? she said with a very proud smirk on her face. Sakura:? please don? t, my reputation along with my chance with sasuke would be
ruined. Ill due any thing you say as long as you keep quite about this.? Ino:? I was hoping you would say that. Now I will for give you for fucking me
if you will allow me to fuck you now.? Sakura gulps. Ino:? before I fuck you, I want you to do something for me.? Sakura:? what is that?? she gulped
Ino:? its nothing big. All you have to do is face the wall and get on your
hands and knees and shake that cute little but of yours.? …to be continued!

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