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Naruto hentai story part 11: anything is a go

As they suddenly started to increase Ino turned around to her left that
it was coming from Sakura? s room. She made the detection that it was Sakura? s
room on the account it said Sakura on the door. Ino then decided it was best to
knock on the door before entering. Ino:? is everything all right in there?? She then waited for an answer. But all she heard was Sakura? s voice. Back in Sakura? s dream
Sakura:? be a good girl Ino and come for me already.? Back in the real world
Ino was shocked that Sakura? s was talking about her. So in opened Sakura? s door
only to find Sakura naked on her masturbating. Then a thought came to Ino? s
head as she replayed the sentence she had just heard Sakura say. Ino thought in her head:? when Sakura said? be a good girl Ino and come for me
already.? Does that mean she is dreaming about fucking me?? So she decided to keep listing to Sakura to find out. But before Ino went on to listen to Sakura, she decided to help Sakura reach an
orgasm because she felt sorry that she threatened Sakura. So Ino climbed on the
bed and made her way in-between Sakura? s legs. She then quickly removed
Sakura? s hand out of her minge and replaced it with her mouth. So fast that
Sakura didn? t realize the change. Ino satisfied that Sakura didn? t wake up yet
started to lick Sakura? s pussy. Earning a couple of great moans from Sakura. While Ino did this she then decided to listen to Sakura. Back in Sakura? …to be continued!

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