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Naruto porn story part 8: anything is a go

Just keep in mind that all the character voices are going to be
said out of Sakura? s dream and in her voice. Sakura:? hey Ino, how about you surrender or I remove all of your clothes? she
said. Ino:? you wouldn? t dare!? she said matching Ino? s voice ever so perfectly. Sakura:? try me and call my bluff.? She said with utmost confidence. Naruto:? yeah, Sakura, do it!? she said knowing that Naruto was a pervert. Ino:? ok I call your bluff!? Sakura:? good, I was hoping you would say that. Fast pace jutsus.? And then quicker then a blink of an eye she ran towards Ino and quickly torn
off all Ino? s clothes. Leaving Ino completely bare-naked. When Sakura thought of Ino naked she felt a small rush of pleasure go through
her body. Which she just shake off. Sakura as Ino stood there frozen in complete shock that Sakura did that to her. All the men in the audience: started yelling? whoop, whoop, whoop?. That is except naruto and sasuke. Hinita:? wow, Ino? s breasts are way bigger than mine. I hope naruto doesn? t
care about size. Naruto:? now that? s what I? m talking about, oh yeah! Good job Sakura? Sasuke:? so that? s what Ino looks like, whatever? he said coolly as he glance
up at down Ino? s naked body. Ino who saw sasuke looking at her covered her breasts with one arm while she
used her right hand to cover her butt. …to be continued!

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