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Naruto hentai story part 7: anything is a go

Sakura:? yeah, that was it? she lied
Naruto:? that? s so cheap of Ino do to.? Sasuke:? sorry for questing your judgement.? Sakura in her mind. ? Its okay Sasuke there is no reason for you to apologize. I love the fact
you? re concerned about me.? Sasuke and Naruto leave Sakura alone as they venture off to their own homes. Then Sakura turned around and made her way to her house. Sakura:? Naruto, I just wish death was the case? she said under breath. Sakura arrives at her house}
She then opens the door and steps in. Then she made her way upstairs into her
bedroom. Once she was in she closed the door behind her as well as closed her
window and put down the blinds. She then takes off all her clothes and puts it
in a pile on the ground. She then climes on her queen bed with pink sheets and
starts remembering the incident today where Ino threatened to take off all her
clothes, if she didn? t surrender. That made Sakura really mad. She then kept
thinking of ways to get back at Ino. And then thoughts after a while started to
get dirty. Then her dirty thoughts turned into a dirty dream. She then started
talking to her self out loud out of her dreams and speaking for all the
characters she dreamed about. Author? s notes— even though Sakura is dead asleep and is unknowingly talking
out loud out of her dream. I? m not going to write the characters she dreams
about saying that this is? Sakura talking for Naruto?. …to be continued!

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