Naruto Pornography Story: Naruto’s bank check methods ch3

Naruto Pornography Story: Naruto’s bank check methods ch3

Naruto walked on the dirt road seeing that Demon Country wasn’t that off as he started to see buildings and big structures up ahead. After that session with Tsunami, Naruto just dashed through the trees so he can be far away as possible from the Land of Waves. A day later and now he walks on the dirt road all sticky from the sweat. He needed to wash it off, so maybe with the little money he has he can go in to one of the springs that they have around the Country.

“I need to get clean, with the little money I have I think I can make it into at least the cheapest hot springs they have here.” He said as he kept on walking.

Then Naruto spotted off in the far distance some buildings structure as he got closer. He walked up to it and stopped in front as he eyed the building. There was a small house and in the back there was a two story tower. He read the sign.

“Oh cool a hot springs! Wonder what’s it doing all the way out here though?” He said as he entered the building. In front there was an old lady up at the register.

“umm… excuse me how much does it cost to get in?” He asked the old lady.

“Well that depends, how long do you plan on staying young man?” She said.

“Well maybe a day or two.”

“Well you’re just in luck kiddo! This here is the cheapest springs in this area.”

“Oh yeah! Well that’s great then please get me a key.” He said happily.

Naruto took out his left over money and paid her. The old lady gave him his key to his room and a towel for him.

Naruto made his way around and entered the second building in the back that was two stories high. On the bottom were the lockers and up on top were the rooms. He found the stairs and made his way up the stairs to the second floor.

Wonder why it was so cheap… this place looks great, nothing cheap and the scenery is wonderful.” He thought as he made his way up the stairs.

He took out his key looking for the matching number and entered his room. He threw his stuff to the side and looked around the room. As you enter you can see the bed in the middle of the room. On the other side of the room there was a big window and right across the bed there was a TV stand with the TV off and the controller on the bed.

Naruto took off all of his clothes and grabbed his towel wrapping it around his waist. He made his way downstairs and into the hot springs.

He slides the doors to side and entered the springs while closing the door behind him. He smiled as he notice nobody was in the springs. He looked around seeing that it was covered with walls of strong bamboo and in the middle there it was the hot spring with a small waterfall at the end of the room. Around the spring there were rocks nicely shaped and smooth.

He walked up to the spring and took of his towel loving the freedom since nobody was around. He folded it and put it to the side. Then he grabbed the tray and dipped it in the water. Feeling that he had enough he took it out and poured it on himself feeling the hotness run down his body washing away the sweat.

He entered the water and comforted himself up against the rocks. He laid his head back on the rock and let himself sink into pure nirvana.

There he stayed a few minutes refreshing himself.

The door slid open and in came Konan wearing a towel wrapped around her. She closed the door after her, dropped her towel and walked up to the spring. Naruto opened his eyes to look who just came in, and surprised he was when he saw Konan in a tight string bikini bra that was grabbing hold of her tits together.

He eyed her as she walked up to him. Looking at her breast the way they bounced every time she took a step, and looking at her curves.

Konan came to a stop and grabbed the tray Naruto used and dipped it in the water. She looked at him and gave him a short smile. She took out the tray and poured it all on her chest.

Naruto looked at her as the water came running down her body, on her chest and down her curves.

Crap… my dick is getting hard.” He thought as he kept on looking at her.

Konan jumped in the water and rose up. Then she too laid her back up against the rocks.

“So… what brings you here… Konan?” He asked.

“I’m here to purify myself.” She said as she laid her head on the rocks closed her eyes and raised her arms to rest her elbows on them too, but what she didn’t know is that as she laid her arms back her breast rose from the water giving Naruto the view to enjoy them. “It’s a small hot spring that I like to go to once in awhile. It’s usually lonely since it is a mixing bath and people are afraid of perverts.”

Naruto nodded as he now knew why it was lonely.

He kept on starring at her breast since the water made it see through giving him the view to look at her nipples as droplets of water dropped off.

FUCK… she has one hell of a body I can’t even control myself.”

Naruto looked at her feeling hopeless or was he? He slowly scooted himself to her as she wasn’t that far. Close enough to just grab her tits, Naruto raised his hand from the water and slowly approached her nipple.

Not afraid of the consequences he grabbed her nipple in between his index finger and thumb and started to rub it.

Surprised by this good feeling she lifted her head to see Naruto paying more attention to her nipple then her freaking out about it.

Naruto looked at her as she finally noticed.

“Sorry… it’s just that…”

“Please rub my other nipple.” She said as she interrupted him.

Frozen for a few seconds he regained conscious. He moved from the side of the spring and went up in front of her. He reached over to the other nipple and started to rub them both now.

Konan moaned feeling her nipples erect under her bra. “Mm…please don’t stop.” She grabbed her string bikini bra and lifted it leaving it on top of her rack so her nipples can come out as he kept on rubbing.

As her breast bounced when she took her bra off Naruto grabbed one of her breast and put his mouth on her nipple feeling it and sucking it while with the other one he kept on rubbing.

Wow! They’re so soft and big, not even saggy. She has some amazing boobs.” He thought as he kept on sucking on her nipple. He switched to the other one and grabbed it as he started sucking on it too.

Konan stood there as he rubbed and sucked her nipples. Now she was thinking it was her turn to do the pleasuring.

“Mm… Naruto can you stand up.” She said.

Naruto stood up from the water showing his erect dick dripping water as it stood strong facing her in the face.

She reached her back and grabbed the knot of her string bikini. She untied it and then tied it back making it shorter so it can lift her breast up. She fixed her bra back on now as it grabbed a hold of her tits squeezing them together.

As she rose from the water she grabbed his penis and with the other hand she used her bare arm to lift up her breast. She positioned his dick in under her breast and then she let go letting his penis sink in between her breast.

“Don’t move I’ll be doing the work.” She said as she put her arms on the ledge. Using both her arms now she started to nudge her upper body making her breast jump as if she was running. As her bra kept her tits tight together his penis stood right in between them as she made her breast jump.

“Damn your tits feel nice!” He said enjoying the feeling of her breasts on the sides of his dick.

The tightness of her tits feels like I’m fucking her pussy or something.” He thought.

Konan kept on moving feeling his thickness slide right along while Naruto felt the softness of her breast.

“Oh fuck! See if you can suck my dick!” He said.

Konan looked at her breast to see his tip out front. She took out her tongue and started licking around it. Naruto looked at her seeing her tits jump up and down furiously why’ll she sucked his dick.

“I… think I’m gonna cum soon!” He said gripping his teeth holding onto his load he is about to release.

“Oh fuck!” No longer able to suppress his urges Naruto came releasing his cum onto her chest. Konan stopped moving and waited as his cum came out onto her tits covering her whole chest.

He came on my chest! It feels so hot and stick!” She thought.

Naruto slid his dick out of her breast and washed himself in the water.

“Meet me in my room, I’m in 1A. I at least would like to get fucked tonight.” She said.

Naruto got up from the water and went to his towel. Wrapping it around his waist and securing it he looked back at Konan. “Well I’ll see you there.” He said and left heading to the lockers.

Konan took her bikini off and washed off his cum on her chest.

“He came so much… and it feels hot and sticky it’s kind of hard to get off.”

Now that she was clean she put back on her bikini and got out of the springs walking up to her towel. Picking it up, she wrapped it around her breast and walked out of the spring heading to the lockers.

She entered the locker room and searched for her locker. She found it and opened it to see that her clothes were there and took off her towel to change.

Even though I already washed off, I still feel sticky. I think I feel cleaner if I take a shower.” She thought.

Leaving her clothes for later Konan headed to the stall showers. Stepping onto the tile floor she went for the first stall looking at it noticing that it was a bit more spacious then the other stalls. Turning both hot and cold knobs she waited patiently for her water to get in the mixture of warm water.

Naruto entered the lockers hearing the water running and steam seen from the showers. He walked up to his locker and opening it while still eyeing the showers.

Is it Konan… must be, can’t wait to pound that pussy though. I’m lucky she even allowed me to do a little foreplay… wonder how lucky I am though?” He thought as he looked over to the showers.

Dropping his towel he walked over to the showers heading to where Konan was at. He entered looking directly at Konan’s back as she washed herself.

I wonder if she’s notice me enter?”

He slowly crept behind her as she washed herself in the warm water. Konan had her hands up as she was washing her hair not even hearing Naruto behind her since the water was running. Now as he was closer to her he reached under her arms and grabbed her breast with both of his hands.

Konan let go of her hair and dropped her arms. She looked back barely seeing the yellow hair with her peripherals. Letting him get away with it she turned back and looked down.

Naruto grabbed her breasts moving them up and down feeling their weight. He then moved his hand under her bikini and started rubbing her nipples again.

“Mm…” Konan moaned feeling this sensation once more.

Now that he had his hands on her he got closer to her body. Putting his head on her right shoulder he started to kiss her neck and biting it.

Letting one of her nipples go he went down going in her panties. Feeling her hair he started to feel her wetness. He gently put his finger on her clitoris and started rubbing her.

“Oh yes… do that baby… please keep doing it don’t stop.” She said.

Konan felt excited, she might even let him get with her early then she expected.

Naruto kept on rubbing her feeling the water in between his fingers.

“I’m going to get wet… I want to make sure it’s my dick that’s surrounded by your wetness not by water.” He said.

“Mhmm…” Konan replied.

Konan moved her right hand into her panties and put her fingers in her vagina. As Naruto rubbed her she fingered herself and with her other hand she reached her back and untied her bikini letting it fall onto the wet floor. Now she moved her hand to her unattended breast and started to rub nipple.

“Mm ah! I’m getting wet!”

Naruto moved his finger into her vagina join her.

“I want you really wet.” He said and started to finger in a fast pace.

“Ah… please… I’m really wet! Mm… please stop…I can’t handle this!” She said in high pitch voice.

Naruto started to feel her juice on his finger. Feeling that it was a little thicker than the water, he let his hand out.

He grabbed his dick as it was barely getting erect.

“Can you slouch over a little?” He said.

Letting her hands go, Konan slouched a little to the front as he still had a hold of his penis. Now fully erect he pushed himself forward using his tip to move her panties to the side giving him a view of her aroused pussy.

Konan felt his tip at her entrance so she put her hands on her knees. Naruto slowly entered his whole tip and then slid half his length in her, already feeling the tightness of her walls. Konan grabbed on tighter, feeling his thickness as her vagina automatically closed in on him.

“Ah fuck!” She said as she felt him go deeper.

“Your pussy is fucking hot!” He commented.

Now that he had his whole dick in her, he grabbed her hips, pulled his dick a little back and thrusted back in a normal pace. Konan still kept her hands on her knees but couldn’t hold any longer. She needed to grab onto something so she can apply pressure and be able to last longer without giving in, but the stall being a bit too spacious the only thing she could latch herself onto is the wall ahead of her that’s only a few feet away.

Trying to reach for it she stopped as Naruto grabbed both of her tits and started thrusting in her. Her thought of getting to the wall soon went away as she felt him go in deep filling her out. She placed her hands on her chest as Naruto thrusted in her.

“This feels so good. Your pussy is all wet and hot!” He said as he grabbed on tighter to her breast and thrusted in her faster

“Oh Naruto! This is AH! Too much!” She said but he didn’t pay attention.

Naruto kept on thrusting faster into her pussy feeling her tighten up to the feeling of his cock. He thrusted faster, loving the feeling and the sound. His testicles hitting her thighs every time he pushed in and the moan he got every time he felt her tighten up.

“Fuck this feels so good… feels like my dick tensing up!” He said.

“AH! AAHHH! NARUTO I CAN’T HOLD UP! I CAN’T HOLD UP!” She said as she finally came. Naruto felt her cum at the tip of his dick and soon going down along covering his length with her cum and coming out of her vagina slowly going down her legs.

Konan gave out and let her body loose leaving Naruto to hold her weight as he kept on going.

Naruto grabbed her tits harder in instinct as he was not able to hold up anymore and came inside Konan, filling her up as it went further in.

Konan fell to her knees as her legs gave out. She was starring at the floor as the water came washing her body as she was on her knees till it stopped pouring. She looked up and there Naruto was in front of her blocking the path of the water. She looked at his penis as it was down.

“I want to know how good you can be with your mouth.” He said as he looked down on her.

Konan raised her body as she was still on her knees and grabbed his dick feeling it kind of strong. She started jacking him off and soon felt his length get harder and harder the more she moved her hand. she looked it now as it was longer and put the tip in her mouth while looking up to make sure Naruto was okay with it. Feeling the tip in her mouth she licked around it as if she wanted to wrap her tongue around it. After a few licks she slowly went down on him as his dick went more in her mouth. Naruto felt her tongue at the bottom of his penis as it slid down.

Konan started sucking his dick and with her hand that had a hold of it she started twisting it up and down as she took his dick in and out of her mouth making sure it was covered in her saliva.

“Mm… baby you’re dick taste great!” She said.

“…and you’re not so bad with your mouth.” He said as he grabbed her head and took his dick back in her mouth.

“Mngh! Mm! Mmngh!” Konan quickly took his dick out of her mouth to catch her breath.

Now with a new breath she let go of his penis and grabbed the back of his thighs, took her tongue out and slid his dick in her mouth going deep as it went in to throat. Her gag reflex kicked in making it much easier for her and now she was deep throating him. Konan started pushing his thighs toward her body to sink him in more which drove Naruto crazy as it went in and out.

“Your mouth feels so good! I think I’m about cum!” He said.

Konan took his dick out of her mouth. “Please cum in my face.” She said as she took out her tongue.

Naruto started masturbating in front of her face as she waited for him. In just a few seconds he was about to cum.

“Fuck here it comes!” He said as his first shot got her in the left eye and soon more started coming out getting her whole face as he kept on going.

Naruto stopped and looked at Konan as she now opened her eyes and starts licking cum off around her mouth.

She finished cleaning her face and got up facing Naruto.

“We’re not finished yet.” She said as she grabbed his hand and led him to a locker room bench. She raised her right foot and placed it on the bench and leaned forward so she can use her two hands to be stable. Naruto getting the idea grabbed his penis and entered her pussy. With the feeling of her walls he slowly started to get erect.

“My legs won’t give out on me so easy this time so you better fuck me hard! Make me really wet!” Konan said looking back at him.

Naruto grabbed her hips and started thrusting fast showing Konan his answer or more like making her feel his answer.

“OH YES! AWW YES! THAT’S IT! KYA! FUCK ME LIKE THAT… FUCK ME REAL GOOD NARUTO!” Konan screamed as Naruto was doing his work.

“I’m gonna get this pussy really wet!” He said as he thrusted harder and faster into Konan.


Naruto started thrusting in harder going deeper in every time.

“AH! AH! I’M GONNA CUM!” She screamed feeling the tension. “FUCK I CAN’T TAKE IT!” Konan screamed as she came surrounding Naruto’s cock working as lube for Naruto.

“FUCK! NARUTO! I CAN’T TAKE THIS!” She said as more cum started coming out. As her hands fell her only support know was her elbows.

Crap these benches are too small. My hands will slip with the sweat coming from my face. Got to find a way to be stable.” She thought.

She spreads out on arm to the side and soon surrounded it with paper to make it longer till it reached the locker and she did too with her other hand know using the lockers as her support for balance.

Naruto seeing this as her new way to maintain herself he started pounding her faster as you can hear his nut sack hitting her thighs every second making them wiggle.


“Are you serious! You’re not even that wet yet! Like you said you wanted me to get you really wet so that’s what I’m gonna do!” He said not even slowing down.

Naruto kept at his same pace not considering taking one short break. Konan couldn’t handle it as her hands felt like giving out even her whole body felt like giving out.

“OH KAMIII! I’M CUMMING AGAIN!” She screamed as her juice came out once more making it harder for her to hold up.

“Fuck yeah! Look how wet you are! Don’t you hear that wet nasty sound?” He said to her as she silenced herself for a bit and she actually heard kind of a *spluch* sound.

Konan thinking of a way to make him cum she dropped her leg from the bench and was know on both of her legs to end the ease of him fucking her faster as she started to get tighter on him.

“Oh! Fuck! THIS FEELS GOOD!” She screamed again. “OH KAMI! I THINK I’ME COMING!” She said as a few seconds later she started to cum again as it was flowing out of her body.

“Gotta love this feeling! You’re pussy is getting tight I can feel your walls all around my cock!” He said still in the same pace.

Konan kept on cumming till she stopped as her papers started to go back to her body. She collapsed onto the bench as both of her hands were swinging each side of the bench.

Naruto’s dick slid out of her pussy as she fell to the bench. “I gotta say it was really hard for me not to cum, all that wetness almost had me about to blow.”

“P-please*pant* don’t stop! *pant* Cum in*pant* me again.” She said looking back at him.

“Alright then, think you can raise your ass up to the air?” he said and Konan raised her arms to get on her elbows and knees to raise her ass up in the air.

Naruto grabs her by her thighs and enters his penis again in her vagina feeling it very wet from the secession.

“Damn you’re really wet! This is gonna be easy.” He said grabbing her thighs harder as he started fucking her again thrusting into her pussy as she kept it up in the air. As he is fucking her he starts to squeeze her thighs making her pussy tighter.

“Naruto! Please don’t stop! Keep on fucking me baby!” She said as she looked back and placed her arm on her ass cheek.

“I think I’m gonna cum soon!” He said as he kept on thrusting into her.

“Please cum in me!” She screamed feeling this tense emotion once more.

“Fuck! Konan say it! Say where you want me cum!” He said to her.

“Please cum in my pussy Naruto!” She responded.

Naruto finally came inside of Konan filling her up, mixing both of their juice in her. Naruto slid his dick out and looked at it as it was dripping of both of their juice.

“Hey Konan! Why don’t you try this out?” He asked as he moved up to her and put his leg over the other side of the bench now standing in between them facing Konan.

She raised her head to look at his cock hanging full of their cum. Konan opens her mouth letting him enter his penis in her mouth. He grabbed her hair and starts moving her head making him suck his dick again. Konan was surprised but kept at it and looked up to him as she sucked his dick.

Naruto started to cum in her mouth which surprised Konan of how quick he came. Her mouth got full and Naruto slid himself out as his cum started coming out of her mouth to her chin. She started sucking it up and getting the some on her chin. Naruto started to masturbate again as Konan noticed she took out her tongue and closed her eyes waiting for him.

He started spurting some on her face and stopped.

“That was a really good fucking. *sigh* I guess I’ll see you later Konan. Do you want me to help you out at least?” He asked.

“No I’m fine thank you.” She said.

Naruto went to the shower and washed himself as Konan got up and also headed to the showers. Naruto walked out and grabbed his towel and wrapped it around his waist and headed for the door.

He turned around to look at the shower. “I’ll see you later Konan!” and left out the door.

Konan turned on one of the showers and started washing herself clean. She took off her bikini suit since it was all ruined now.

“I can’t believe he made me cum so much. I think I could call this a day.” She said as she turned off the shower and left to her locker hold her bikini suit. She grabbed her towel and wrapped herself around it covering her chest and lower region. Then she threw away her bikini in the trash and opened her locker to grab her bag that had her clothes and left to her room.

Konan enters her room and threw her bag at the end of the bed and walked over to a closet and opened it. She started extracting clothes and placing it on the bed.

Naruto came out of the bathroom still unheard of by Konan and spoke up.

“You know Konan… if I remember correct, I never got a chance to fuck that ass of yours.” He said as Konan heard the voice behind her.

Naruto walked over to her standing behind her. He used both hands to hold her by the hips feeling the curves of her body. He reached under her towel and grabbed her ass giving it a squeeze. Konan grabbed her towel by her chest using both hands as Naruto raised her towel to see that she wasn’t wearing her bikini any more. He reached her pussy and started rubbing it again and entering her.

“Mm…” She moaned.

“Damn you’re still this wet…” He said as he received some more moans from her. “But that’s not what I’m after for now.”

He raised her towel showing her ass and grabbed his penis as Konan still had a hold of her towel. He slowly enter her asshole why’ll Konan tried to embrace it. She slouched a little toward and let one of her hands go to grab onto the bed.

Naruto grabbed her hips and rammed himself in. Kona was surprised by the strange feeling and the fact that he went rough.

“Fuck your ass is tight. I’m going to have to loosen it up a bit.” He said as he rammed himself in again. He pulled out and rammed himself in again hard shaking the bed and shaking Konan’s body.

Konan flinched by his roughness every time he rammed himself in her.

“Mnph! You like that? Mnph!” He grunted every time he pounded her.

“AH! AH!” She screamed out of every thrust. Then in one thrust she came by surprise as it spurted out. Naruto felt it on his legs and stopped.

“I’m going to make you cum even if I don’t have to fuck your pussy.” He said as he started to ram himself in faster shaking the bed making it hit the wall. Then he slows down and started fucking her at a mid pace. Konan liked it as anal was new to her but it soon changed as he started to speed up again this time going faster.

Konan grabbed onto her towel as he was speeding up. It wasn’t strong enough to shake the bed but it was strong enough to make her body move.

“Oh fuck! I can’t take this!” She said as he sped up again.

Naruto was now pounding her faster making her chest move forward and back at every thrust he made. Konan couldn’t handle it so she let go of her towel and grabbed onto the bed now using both hands. As he thrusted in her shaking every inch of her body the towel started to unwrap itself by his roughness and it slowly fell off showing her tits move forward and back as the same pace of his speed.

Naruto saw her tits and reached over to grab one of her whole tit. He squeezed it feeling its softness and when he found her nipple he started rubbing it.

“AH! You’re so rough!” She said.

Naruto started speeding up again making her move faster. Feeling her walls close ever time he went deeper.

Konan didn’t know she can do it but she started to tighten up on him making the feeling more amazing.

“Naruto! I’m gonna cum again!” She screamed.

“Fuck me too!” He said.

Naruto kept at his pace wanting to cum in her ass.

“OH KAMI! NARUTOOO!” She screamed as she came in herself.

“Aw fuck Kooonaaan!” He screamed as he came into her ass filling it up giving Konan a feeling she never felt before.

Konan collapsed onto the bed as Naruto still kept standing. He moved her whole upper body onto the bed. He took out his dick and was surprised to see it still standing straight. As Konan was panting to catch her breath he shoved his dick back up her ass again and this time he grabbed her ass as he rammed himself in once more.

“OH fuck Naruto…” She screamed. “That feels real good!” She said.

“You like that huh bitch?” He said.

“Oh yes daddy! Keep on fucking my ass, fill it with your cum.” She responded.

Naruto know started slapping her ass with his hand leaving a red mark on her right ass cheek. He kept on slapping it as he was fucking her.

“Konan I’m cumming in your ass!” He said as he came in her once more filling her up with both of his cum shots. He took himself out and rested a bit with Konan. He moved her luggage out of the bed as he rested too next to her.

“Hey Konan… why don’t you go lie on the pillows and open your legs a little.” He said.

Konan got up and went over to the pillows crawling. She threw herself and rested on them as Naruto came over to her again with a full erection.

As she spreaded her legs Naruto saw her pussy as it was aroused and by the looks of it she was well trimmed with her pubic hair as it was all there yet not much hair to make it bushy. Naruto grabbed her ankles and placed then on his shoulders. He slouched himself toward her entrance again.

“Konan can you raise your lower body up a bit?” He asked.

She used her elbows to raise herself up. Then as she was up Naruto entered her ass hole which gave Konan a surprise. Naruto leaned toward her body as it pushed her legs all the way down to her breast. He positioned his arms on each side of her body and started thrusting.

“Oh kami! This feels even better!” She said.

Hearing that Naruto sped up again thrusting faster.

“Oh fuck! That’s right baby fuck me! Make me cum!” She said.

Naruto started speeding up some more feeling her ass in a way he never felt before.

“Fuck! I think I’m gonna cum!” He said as he came into her again.

“No don’t stop. Please keep on fucking me! Don’t pull out.” She said.

“Who said I was finished?” He said as he kept on going even though he already came.

“That’s right baby!” She said as she looked at him.

Naruto kept going at it not slowing down. As he saw her tits move he decided to reach down and grab one with his mouth biting onto it. He then used one of his hands to finger her as they fucked. Now feeling his comeback he started to get in it again and sped up.

“OH YES FUCK ME HARDER! HARDER!” She screamed as she was getting pounded and fingered at the same time. She put her hands up on the beds wall so she can push down every time he pushed out.


Naruto fingered her faster as he waited for her cum.

“OH KAMI!” She said as she exploded. Her cum came shooting out trailing down to her ass reaching his cock.

Naruto took her tit out of her mouth and to look at her legs grabbed onto her ankles.

“I’m about to cum!” He said.

Konan started rubbing her nipples trying to arouse herself.

“OOHHHH!” He screamed and came into her asshole. He collapsed and rested as he kept on cumming. Once he finished he got up and slid his dick out of her and they both rested.

“You know I do have this move I like to do when I’m done fucking.” He said to her as they both starred at the ceiling.

“And what’s that?” She asked.

“A pearl necklace… do you want one.” He said as he looked at her.

“Sure why not.” She said as she got up and so did he.

They both got off the bed and onto the carpet.

“Let me do you one more time before I leave.” He asked.

“Sure as long as it’s good.” She answered.

“I’ll make this a quicky so we can get out of here. Go and bend over like your trying to reach your toes.” He said.

She bended over reaching her toes as Naruto came up to her ass again. He grabbed her and positioned his dick at her ass. He slowly entered her as it went deep and slowly curved down as her body was in a curve position.

He started to go faster and harder like he said a quicky.

“Oh kami you’re going to deep!” She said feeling reached deep down her.

“try to tighten up a bit so I can cum faster.” He said.

Konan squeezed her inner muscles making it tighter on him.

“Yeah like that. I’m about to cum!” He said as he stopped thrusting and pushed himself deep in her till she took all of him in and he came feeling her deeper parts the most and pulled himself out when he finished.

Konan turned around and got on her knees and grabbed his dick and started sucking it.

“Do you want that pearl necklace now?” He asked.

She nodded her head as she sucked him clean.

“Raise your tits and put my dick in between them.” He said.

Konan grabbed her tits together and Naruto entered in between them. She started moving her breast as his dick easily slid between them.

“Here I come.” He said as a warning.

Konan closed her eyes knowing how much he can cum and looked away as he cummed his whole load onto her neck and slowly the shots descended to her chest and tits. Feeling all the hotness on her chest Konan looked down to see he was still cumming. She slid his dick up to her face and started to get cum on herself as more kept coming out onto her.

“Wow you came so much!” She said as a complement.

“Yeah I kind of do.” He said scratching his neck.

Naruto looked down at her to see her covered in his cum. He grabbed her chin and raised it as he lowered himself face to face and kissed her even when she was covered in cum he kissed her and they shared their own saliva with their tongues.

They stopped and Naruto walked to the door slid it open and walked out.

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