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Naruto xxx story part 17: anything is a go

Which actually true and false; she did in fact came here to apologize that part
is true. What was false was when she said,? is all?. Naruto:? oh, ok? Naruto:? like I was saying, Sakura I was wondering if you want to come and
train with me. After all, we are still a team. So what do you say?? Sakura stutters on what to say as a response. On one hand she could say no,
because the last thing she wants to do is hang with Naruto. On the other hand,
if she does not agree to the answer Ino wants her to say. She would be surely
in due for another spanking. In addition, knowing how hard Ino hits from
personal experience she decided to see what Ino had to say. As she glanced over to Ino. Ino said absolutely nothing and just silently
nodded. Then Sakura faces Naruto again. Sakura:? sure ill come with you and train.? Ino:? well, bye guys I got to go. I? m looking forward to seeing you again
Sakura.? Sakura gulped and shuttered at the thought of meeting again with Ino. As she
walked off down the street with Naruto to the gym. As Ino watched, them leave she left to in the opposite direction heading home
to get some sleep. AS she walked she could not help but giggle at how much
Sakura would kill her self over hanging around with Naruto. After a serious workout in the gym, both Naruto and Sakura decided to head home
to get some sleep. …to be continued!

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