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Naruto porn story part 14: anything is a go

s butt and gives it a playful
pinch. Sakura:? ouch? Sakura then gets into her position according to Ino? s specific orders. She then
starts to slowly move her butt round and round in circles. Like a welcome mat
before a door. Ino enjoying sakura? s humiliation as well as her nice-slender body. Ino:? doesn? t this make you feel good Sakura?? she sighed
Sakura:? no, it doesn? t. I feel slightly mortified.? She said a small blush
formed upon her flawless face. Ino:? and that is half the reason I like? Sakura not stopping her but swaying asked a question. Sakura:? okay, then what is the other half? Let me guess it? s the torture
you? re going to put me through.? Ino:? that? s great in all but not what I had enjoyed? Sakura:? then what exactly did you also enjoy?? Ino:? your sexy body of course. I think its safe to say now that you have
finally blossomed into a flower? Sakura:? wow, that was really nice ino. Probably the nicest thing you have ever
said to me. And of course if it wasn? t for this humiliating thing you are
having me do for you, I would be more than happy to thank you for it.? Ino:? isn? t that what you are doing for me?? Sakura:? I don? t follow? Ino: she sighs in frustration? you see since you? re repaying me, it? s almost
like you are thanking me? Sakura:? I knew that, I was just kidding with you? Sakura inner being:? idiot, idiot, Sakura, absolute idiot? Ino:? …to be continued!

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