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Naruto xxx story part 9: anything is a go

Ino in her mind:? sasuke please don? t look at me? as soon as she said that she
started to blush knowing now that sasuke had look at her. Sensei talking to hayate:? are you going to stop this match?? Hayate:? heavens no!? Sensei:? great!? Anko:? looks like she has already blossomed.? Sakura:? what? s the matter Ino why are you blushing? Are you embarrassed?? she
teased. Ino: who got the courage to say,? I? m not? Sakura:? then why are you covering your self?? Ino:? ok so I? m a little embarrassed, okay! She said admitting to the truth. Sakura who was happy that Ino admitted the truth knocked down Ino on her back. Ino:? why did you do that?? she said on her back. Sakura:? so I can do this? she opens Ino? s legs and starts to finger fuck Ino
with one finger. Back in the real world
Then with out thinking Sakura? s hand travels down to her minge. She then
penetrates her folds with her index finger on her right hand. And starts to
finger fuck her self slowly. Back in her dream
Ino who now realized what Sakura was doing to her yelled to Sakura. Ino:? Sakura, stop this right now!? she said angrily
While she tried to close her legs, but Sakura manages to stop her by using her
left hand to keep Ino? s legs open. Ino:? Sakura, let me close my legs!? Sakura:? no!? Sakura than enters another finger in Ino? s virginia. This makes all the males and adult males pass out. Ino:? …to be continued!

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