Tsunade knows how to make Jirauya bleed…

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  1. RainbowPeanut =^.^= says:


  2. The Spy :3 says:


  3. SUPERNOVA568 says:


  4. SUPERNOVA568 says:

    my name is in greek

  5. The Spy :3 says:

    Now, really? I come back after like, 3 days and someones already using my name. Piker.

  6. RainbowPeanut =^.^= says:


  7. SUPERNOVA568 says:


  8. The Spy :3 says:

    What’s so funny? The word “piker?”

  9. RainbowPeanut =^.^= says:

    You should call him a Prick.
    It’s less close calling him a Pikey.

  10. Darren From Family Guy Porn Comments says:

    I’d Lick her clean of all her juices shove my nine incher in and cum in her

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    Ooh She has the best tits I NEED TO FUCK A WOMAN THATS 17!

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    It’s been so long since I’ve been here

  13. Darren The Slayer says:

    I Don’t Have Sexual Intercourse Anymore

  14. magan says:

    LOL darren

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    wheres my lovey dovey?

  18. Snow says:

    ohh k i think i fell asleep reading all of this! n nw im lost ill comment on something i can comment on.

  19. Naruto says:

    This is the best drawing! I love it! Jiraiya might get lucky here, or get beaten to a pulp.. either way, i would have sex with Tsunade if i was in the Naruto world, her tits are massive!

  20. Naruto says:

    I love this Picture!

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