Sakura got seduced by her beloved guy!

Fresh Naruto hentai only here… You wouldn’t believe it, but these bawdy cartoon Naruto porn’ heroes know all about lesbian love, they’re not as moral as you supposed all the time! This time I start posting some cool Sakura of Naruto cartoon sex pics ;)

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14 Responses to Sakura got seduced by her beloved guy!

  1. yo says:

    i wish i was saske in this pic

  2. Zawar says:

    if there was an episode of this scene

  3. Lover says:

    i would do sakura harder than. : )

  4. Lover says:

    i would do sakura harder . : )

  5. NONAME says:

    sasuke so stupid
    skurahas aways loved him
    ifi ws him i woldbeang skura harder everydy

  6. kenneth says:

    he isn’t really sasuke it’s naruto in a jutsu to make him look like sasuke

  7. Aki says:

    This type of hentai (naruto pretending to be sasuke or generally others trying to be sasuke) is getting really old and makes it so OCC…then again, Naruto hentai is 9/10 OCC.

  8. Anonymous says:

    sasuke m exita

  9. sakura nyu says:

    sasuke me exita

  10. sakura nyu says:

    es mui exitante me lo cogeria

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  12. eweb says:

    haha naruto is baadass!

    nice ass view btw

  13. Ms lover says:

    Who wants to fuck with me (I wAnt to fuck some 1)right now just call 7038956483

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